College of Politics And Governance
    Public devotion is a virtue of the learned
    College of Politics and Governance aims to be leading institution in Political Science, Law, Justice and other related fields in local, national and international levels.
  Shared Values (COPAG)

C - Creativity
O - Optimization
P - Prestige
A - Ability
G - Generosity

    Producing graduates and developing human resources with high quality, capability and morality.
Creating quality research for academic execllence with in context of local, national and international levels.
Rendering academic services to the society for strenghening local communities and societies.
Fostering arts and culture in local communities to preserve traditional and beautiful values.

      In the meantime, the college also provides our students with academic support by seting up several projects such as tutorial students project (COPAG Tutor), COPAG Creative, COPAG Open House and COPAG Open Book (Book Lunching) for outsiders to know the activities of various projects.
      To develop staffs and students knowledge, the College has cooperated and built networks with many institutions both in Thailand and foreign countries such as Faculty of Law and Political Science, National University of Laos and Representative from Luxemburg and SIDA, University of the Philippines (U.P), Universiti Kebangsaan (Malaysia), Universitas Brawijaya(Indonesia), Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Indonesia), Faculty od Social Scienecs and Humanities, Mahidol University, Thammasat University, Prince of Songkla University, Barapha Iniversity, Chiangmai University, Northeastern Universities Network, Public Administration Association of Thailand, Public Administration Society of the Philippines, including NGOs such as BABSEA CLE Foundation, Thailand

  Programs and Courses
    Department of Political Science
    Bachelor of Political Science Program in :
    - Politics and Government
- Public Administration
- International Relations
    Graduate Programs
    Master of Political Science Program in :
    - Master of Politics Science (M.Pol.Sc)
    Doctor of Philosophy Program in :
    - Political Science (Ph.D. Political Science)
  Academic Service Centers
    - E-sarn Local Politics and ASEAN Research Center
- Human Rights and Peace Study Center
- Political Science Clinic
- Library